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People visit coffee and tea shops for many reasons. Some drop by a café because they want to hang out with friends. Others would buy coffee before they head to work or start an assignment. Connoisseurs visit different shops to look for flavorful beverages. Regardless of what your purpose is, the café you’re searching for is The Lounge Coffee & Tea Bar. We offer high-quality products and superior customer service in a comfortable, relaxing environment. 

Our team aims to provide our customers with specialty tea, handcrafted coffee, and delightful pastries that would suit their tastes. Additionally, we offer as many locally sourced products as possible.

Company History

The Lounge Coffee & Tea Bar was established by Michael Salazar because he was searching for a locally owned, 
small-business coffee and tea shop where he could just relax and finish some of his work.

Since Michael has more than 5 years of experience in the coffee industry and many years’ experience in managing and leading retail stores, he decided to establish his own café. Michael is passionate about coffee and he keeps up-to-date with trends in the coffee and tea industry. 

He combines his passion for coffee, skills in managing and leading teams, and love for locally owned 
small-businesses. Michael and his family opened The Lounge Coffee & Tea Bar 
in 2018.


Chamber of Commerce (Pending)

National Coffee Association (Pending)

Specialty Tea Institute (Pending)